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queen-of-hearts2London Symphony Orchestra
Cervantes – Queen Of Hearts
CPI Records

Tracking for September 20, 2016

Station Freq City Format Status Comment
Music Choice/Light Classi… SAT/CBL Subscriber classical ON ADDed To ROT
MOOD/Classical DIR Direct classical ON ADDed To ROT
AccuRadio/Classical  NEW! www streaming classical ON ADDed To ROT
YouTube www online video ON
Cervantes: Queen of Hearts
KUAC/Afternoon Concert 89.9 Fairbanks classical ON This is a nice release. Unusual
KTOO/A Juneau Afternoon 104.5 Juneau variety ON Playing it!!
AMPB/Pick to Click 104.1 Berkeley variety ON Getting a spin or 2
KKUP/Neptune Currents  NEW! 91.5 Cupertino ON We have played this track some
KKUP/Jewels and Binoculars 91.5 Cupertino classical ON Nice recording
KMUD/Thursday Night Class… multi Redway classical ON Love it!!
KRCB/Night Traveler 91.1 Rohnert Park ambient ON Love the CD!
WMNR/Good Folk 88.1 Monroe variety ON We will play this
WMNR/New Music Gallery 88.1 Monroe new releases ON ADDed To NR
WWUH/Classical 91.3 West Hartford classical ON In the mix
WVUD/The Morning Fog 91.3 Newark acoustic ON Lovely arrangement!!
WFCF/Wings 88.7 Saint Augustine ambient ON We like this !!
WDBX 91.1 Carbondale ambient ON It is a lovely collection and I am playing
WVIK/Perspective 90.3 Rock Island classical ON What a heartbreakingly beautiful piece! I’m so glad that every time I hear a piece and think, “whoa, this is my new favorite”, another comes along to inspire and delight! Like this one!
WBOI/Folktales 88.7 Fort Wayne variety ON What a treat!!
WSND/New Releases 88.9 Notre Dame new releases ON ADDed To NR
KPR/New Releases 91.5 + multi Lawrence + classical ON ADDed To NR
WHYR/The Clearing 96.9 Baton Rouge ambient ON Nice CD
WMBR/Classical 88.1 Cambridge classical ON In the air studio and avail.
WIAA/Classical 88.7 Interlochen classical ON In the air room!!
WCMU/Music in the Morning 89.5 Mount Pleasant classical ON Using the instrumental version
WBLV/Classical 90.3 Twin Lake classical ON ADDed To ROT
KZWV/Kevin Hilley & The W… 101.9 Osage Beach AC ON
RAF 96.3 | 107.3 St. Louis classical ON Nice tribute to P-Di
KGPR 89.9 Great Falls classical ON In the mix
KUFM/Classical Music 89.1 Missoula classical ON Getting a spin or 2
NET Radio/New Releases 91.1 Lincoln new releases ON ADDed To NR
NET Radio/The Verge 91.1 Lincoln classical: new ON This may work for The Verge
New Hampshire:
WSCS/Music from the Cosmi… 90.9 New London ambient ON Getting spins!
New Jersey:
WNTI www Hackettstown + non comm ON Will get a few spins here and there
New Mexico:
KSFR/Classical Sunday 101.1 Santa Fe classical ON ADDed To ROT
KBAC/Brave New World 98.1 / 95.9 Santa Fe ambient ON This is a unique piece!!!
North Carolina:
WHQR/Classical Music w/ P… 91.3 Wilmington classical ON Thanks so much for this beautiful tribute
North Dakota:
KCND/Prebys on Classics 90.5 + multi Fargo classical ON Very impressed with the freshness and lyricism…creative and very listenable!
WYSO/Alpha Rhythms 91.3 Yellow Springs ambient ON Using this quite a bit
KUCO/Classical Music – Ke… 99 Edmond classical ON In the mix
KMUN 91.9 Astoria variety ON ADDed To ROT
WYBF/The Pit 89.1 Springfield variety ON Light, so far
WUOT/Afternoon Concert 91.9 Knoxville classical ON Light spins on instrumental version
KJJF/Classical 88.1 / 88.9 Harlingen classical ON LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!!!
KJJF 88.1 / 88.9 Harlingen interview ON
KJJF 88.1 / 88.9 Harlingen interview ON
WDCE 90.1 Richmond variety ON In the air studio and getting a spin or 2
WERN/New Releases 88.7 Madison new releases ON ADDed To NR
WMSE/Instrumental Saturdays  NEW! 91.7 Milwaukee ambient ON Intersting track!!
Canada Freq City Format Status Comment
CBC Music multi National classical ON What beautiful music, very moving. This album is a touching tribute to Lady Diana
Stingray/The Spa/NewAge multi National ambient ON ADDed To ROT
CKUW/Shades of Classics 95.9 Winnipeg ambient ON I like this disc a lot
CKWR/Women in Music 98.5 Kitchener classical ON ADDed To Women In Music

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