Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales Concert 2017

Diana, Princess of Wales Concert 2017In the 20th anniversary year of Diana, Princess of Wales death, ‘Diana’ an orchestral concert with film backdrop, is set to make its UK debut at the Turner Sims Auditorium in Southampton. The music will be performed by Southampton University Symphony Orchestra, rightly regarded as one of the finest university orchestras in the UK. The non-profit performance in aid of BBC’s Children In Need and other youth music projects will take place on Saturday 11th November 2017 at 3 p.m.

‘Diana’ the concert showcases the music of American composer Lucius Craig Cervantes blended with film of the 101 Diana paintings by British artist Melanie Anne Sanderson.

Craig’s fiancée discovered Melanie’s art on the internet by chance, and realised that their two works, though from different genres, perfectly complemented each other. During 2016 they began working on a project to bring the two Diana tributes closer together in a live concert. Music and visual art are woven together in a transatlantic tapestry.

Visiting London in the immediate aftermath of Diana’s passing, Melanie begun her own unique and lasting tribute.

In Melanie’s words – “After the tragic events in Paris, the atmosphere in London was quiet and subdued. It was respectful despite the vast numbers of people gathered there. One image from that time will stay fixed in my mind for ever. A smartly dressed businessman with a tear in his eye carried a single red rose to the gates of Kensington Palace. I knew then that I would paint Diana, but little did I realise I would go on to paint her 101 times.”

Struck by the world’s most photographed woman’s constantly changing image, Melanie continued painting Diana in a variety of different guises. All the paintings are on wood, unconventionally framed as part of the art.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Craig’s Queen of Hearts music was also inspired as a tribute to Diana following her untimely death.

In Craig’s words – “On the summer evening of August 31st 1997, like the rest of the world I was shocked to hear that Diana, Princess of Wales had died in a devastating car crash after departing the Ritz Hotel, Paris. When I heard the news I was yachting through a hailstorm on the massive Lake of the Ozarks in mid-Missouri. Always close to a piano, I started thinking about the scenario that took Diana. I then decided to write a tribute to The Queen of Hearts.”

Craig’s work was recorded by The London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios during the early autumn of 2015. His Queen of Hearts centre piece had its USA premiere by the Missouri Symphony Orchestra during the summer of 2016.

During 2017 Melanie has completed the film that will be shown with the live orchestra. Composer Craig Cervantes will also travel to the UK to attend the concert.

Tickets available from Turner Sims online or via the box office on 02380 595151 | Further Information: Tel. 07831 876296 / 07923 002205